Eliodor Apostolescu



With over 20 years experience in the Romanian and international FMCG market, Eliodor Apostolescu is the Co-founder of PhoenixY, the producer of the Gusto brand. Graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, the Faculty of Electrotechnics, has managed to impose the Gusto brand on a global level, becoming one of the favorite products of Romanians everywhere, as well as of foreign consumers.

From the recipe and the unique technology of the Gusto corn snacks, internationally patented, product innovations, European quality standards and to the discussions with the big chains of stores, Eliodor Apostolescu leads the vision, the strategy and the international expansion of the company. Entrepreneurial spirit, optimistic and courageous, Apostolescu has become a true ambassador of high quality, innovation, creation and support of a successful Romanian business. Gusto corn snacks, by their quality and uniqueness, offers the image of a business of millions of euros, exceeding the national borders and an example of “Romanian Dream” to the Romanian entrepreneurs.

Presentation summary: Gusto corn snacks is the best example of how you can revolutionize a seemingly simple, uncomplicated category, and at the same time, you can be successful at exporting with a low price / unit product. How much marketing mattered in the equation of the success of the Gusto corn snacks and what were the barriers that the manufacturer had to overcome are just two of the questions answered by Eliodor Apostolescu, the founder of PhoenixY.

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